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Dr. Praful Barvalia :

Dr.Praful Barvalia, Founder Chairman of this organization is well known figure in the field of Medicine & Education.

Gold Medalist & M.D. in Homoeopathic Medicine, he was Professor in Smt.CMP Homoeopathic Medical College for 15 years.

He has conducted quality research in the field of THYROID DISORDERS, AUTISM & HIV/AIDS. He pioneered holistic integrated research based approach in child care which is extremely popular. This is based on sound philosophical foundation of holistic concept of Homoeopathy as enunciated by Dr.Samuel Hahnemann & concept of child development as elaborated by Jean Piaget. This is known as SPANDAN – SYMPHONY.

He is Trustee of Dr.M.L.Dhawale Memorial Trust

He is visiting faculty in various institutes in India & abroad.

Physicians should leave their comfortable chambers & go to community is the motto he has strongly propounded.

He is recipient of Award 2005 from GIANTS GROUP CENTRAL for his outstanding work in the field of medicine.


He has been given “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” award from Rotary Club of Mumbai, Ghatkopar

(Rotary International District 3140)

The award has been instituted in honourable memory of the Noble Soul of late

The ‘Service Above Self’ Award has been awarded to Dr.Praful M. Barvalia for following the path treated by Dr.A.M.Pai of Selfless Service. Dr.Praful M.Barvalia is a god sent soul to Mentally and Physically Challenged children and has spent many years in upliftment the life these unfortunates. Over the past many years his continued efforts have benefited countless numbers of Mentally Retarded and Autistic children by promoting Holistic Health and Value Based Education. He has himself won several prestigious awards and this award adds further glory to his outstanding community service rendered to the Mankind in field of Medicine and Education.

We wish Dr.Praful Barvalia a long and healthy life and wish he be inspirational to many more to tread his path of “Service Above Self”.

  Contact Details :-
  1, Shalibhadra Society, 248,
Hingwala Lane Extn.,
Near Popular Hotel,
Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai – 400 077.
Tel: 022-25013985/022-25010551/39019319
  E-mail :
  DR. Praful Barvalia: E-mail  :
2) 461, Chirabazar, Kerawala House,
Dr. Viegas Street Corner,
Opp. Mambre Stores, Mumbai- 400 002
  Communication :
  Tel: 022-25013985/022-25010551/39019319
Mob: 0091 9324404197
2. Mr.Sudheendra Kulkarni :

He is closely associated with the Foundation since the inception of the Trust. He is a trustee and actively guides the Foundation’s team for the Deonar Project.

Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni, an Engineer from IIT, Bombay, was a close aide of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) as an Officer on Special Duty from 1998 – 2004.

His special assignments included,
  1. Assisting the Prime Minister in his speeches and other communication.
  2. Coordination of the National Task force on Information Technology in the PMO.
  3. Worked as a Member of the Group on Telecom that formulated the New Telecom    Policy 1999

Many of his ideas had been co-opted officially by the PMO. He contributed to the conceptualization of the project ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ linking all parts of India with world – clan highways.

He is a sensitive and prolific writer whose articles on contemporary issues appear in a number of dailies and periodicals.

Earlier he had worked as a journalist for Science Age. The Sunday Observer, and Blitz.

Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni who did his B. Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT-Mumbai in 1982 is an eminent journalist and dedicated social worker.
He is president, Observer research foundation.

3. Mr. Gunvant Barvalia :

Chartered Accountant by profession but is Poet And Writer by heart. He has written 50 books pertaining to Jain Philosophy, Gujarati Literature and other Contemporary issues. He is Founder Member of PranGuru Literary Centre and associated with number of social and religious organizations.
4. Mr. Hasmukh Barvalia :

Leading Garment Exporter & builder philantheopic individual who has built up everything from scratch.
5. Mr. Anil Parekh :

Working in the field of corporate finance is basically quite compassionate & service oriented worker who is attached to number of spiritual organization.
6. Dr.Kumar Dhawale :

He is M.D. (Psychiatry) from Seth G. S. Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Mumbai, and M. F. Hom. (Lond.) 1983 from the Faculty of Homoeopathy, London.

He is Hon. Director of Institute of Clinical Research.

He is Trustee of Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Trust since 1987, Director of Dr. M.L.Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute since 2003 and Principal since 2002, which conduct the M.D. (Hom) course affiliated to the University of Mumbai and recognized by the CCH, New Delhi at RURAL HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE.

Under his leadership, there is phenomenal expansion of I.C.R. activities.
7. Dr.Prakash Kothari :

Eminent Sexologist of International repute, Professor at G.S. Medical College and K.E.M. Hospital is Foundation’s Advisor.

He is recipient of ‘PADMA BHUSHAN’, national honor.
8. Dr.Vaman Mehta :

Industrialist & Philanthropic, Dr. Vaman Mehta has been Advisor to the Trust since its inception.

He has been past District Governor of Lions International and has been instrumental in correcting vision of thousands of poor old people.
9. Shri Maheshbhai Vadilal Gandhi :

Industrialist, Philanthropist & eminent social worker who is associated with number of medical, educational & religious Institutes.