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1. Name of the Organization : M.B. Barvalia Foundation
2. Registered Address : 1/Shalibhadra Society,
248, Hingwala Lane Extension,
Near Popular Hotel,
Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 400 077.
Tel.: 25165985
3. Address for Correspondence : Naidu Colony, Opp. Bldg. 161,
Near Jain Temple, Pantnagar,
Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 400 075.
Tel.: 25134467
4. Registration No. and Date
(with Act, Status under which
: Registered as Public Charitable
Trust –Reg. No E-17453
(Mumbai), Mumbai Public
Charitable Trust Act – 1950.
Dated 4/4/1998
M.B.Barvalia Foundation is a public charitable trust established in February 1997 with objectives of promotion of holistic health & value based education. It has established Spandan Holistic Institute. This is a multidisciplinary holistic organization based on sound philosophy as outlined in the article "Spandan- Symphony: Holistic psychological approach" Spandan focuses on application of vibrant & holistic homeopathy in its clinical services. Swami Vivekanandan has spoken about divine potential resident in each individual. He taught us about education as the manifestation of perfection resident in each man. One has to strive to explore this divine potential. Society should create conducive environment so that individual can realize such potential. This is possible if we impart holistic care. Foundation makes humble efforts to translate these concepts in various demanding situations. Application is in the field of health & education.

We have established a multidisciplinary holistic Institute in the field of developmental disability, which caters to the entire spectrum of childhood disabilities & mental health disorders. This is conducted through government recognized Holistic childcare centre & Special School.

Organization is extremely conscious about acute need of a Homeopathic Institute, which can train today’s young physicians by providing active learning system, which allows them to grasp principles of APPLIED HOMEOPATHY in an experiential way. Institute conducts various courses like

1. Basic course in Homeopathic education & training

2. Advanced fellowship in Homeopathy in the following specialized area

   Developmental disability & mental health in children


3. Orientation

4. Distance Education Programme & also conducts regular seminars, workshops etc.