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  Autism is a disorder characterized by severe pervasive such as social interaction skills, communication skills, presence of stereotyped behaviour and lack of flexible imaginations. Onset is within first 3 years of life.

School caters to children suffering from autism spectrum disorder. Foundation skillfully integrates holistic research based homoeopathy, sensory integration, applied behavioural analysis and special educational inputs.
  It is based on strong philosophical foundation of HOLISTIC-PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL APPROACH: SYMPHONY.

This is an innovative approach based on integration of holistic concept propounded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homoeopathy & JEAN PIAGET'S concept of CHILD DEVELOPMENT.

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  The curriculum includes sensory integrated therapy, group therapy, music therapy, pre-academic skills related activities & arts & crafts (collage, finger painting, vegetable printing, etc). We have also stinted water therapy for our kids during group therapy session.

Specialized one to one and group teaching

  Classification :
  Diagnosis and classification is arrived at by the team of clinicians and
Psychologist. Following tests are utilized:-
  The autistic children are classified in to 3groups as follow :
  a)Early Intervention Group
  Caters to children who are diagnosed very young or those who have not received appropriate intervention. Lot of focus is given on intensive therapy and training
Duration: - 1 Hr
  b)Low functioning :
  An integrated curriculum & IEP is designed with main thrust on sensory perception skills, communication, motor skills, behavior modification plans. This session concentrates more on ADL skills & body awareness.
Duration: - 1 ½ Hrs
  c)High functioning :
  An integrated curriculum & IEP is designed with main trust on sensory perception skills, motor communication skills, behavior modification plans. This session also concentrates on high academic skills. Tailor made programme is given for each child.
Duration: - 2 Hrs
  Students who respond well are given additional remedial sessions and are also given exposure in the Slow Learner School.

Five of our high functioning children has shown improvement to such an extent that they have been integrated in regular mainstream school & is doing quite well.
a) Sensory integration Therapy

b) Behaviour Modification

c) Communication and social skills development

d) Emotional Expression Training

e) AIT. (Auditory Integration Therapy)
IEP curriculum planning is done taking each individuals child capabilities & difficulties into account.
IEP are classified into 4 major areas :
  1. ADL skill.

2. Imitation skill.

3. Language & communication skill.

4. Writing skill.

5. Behavior modification.
  Portage checklist is followed for each child, on a daily regular basis.
  At the end of the academic year, a home bound programme is given by the team.
  Synchronization :
  Periodic meetings are conducted with parents, teachers. Evaluation reports are discussed periodically. One to one interaction with parents is also done on a regular basis. Detailed case reports are also discussed.
  We cater to children diagnosed as Autism through standard protocol. We also cater to children with other pervasive developmental disorders like Rett’s disorder and Asperger’s disorder.

Age Limit: -Up to 10 years.
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