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Spandan Holistic Institute of Applied Homoeopathy

Introduction: -
Foundation provides strong forum for advance learning. We impart basic as well as advanced Homoeopathic training and education to interns, Homoeopathic graduates and post graduates.

Entire focus is on applied aspect of Homoeopathic practice where training, education and research are carried out through holistic multidisciplinary approach. Management remains purely as per Hahnemannian guidelines, but multidisciplinary aspect helps to carry out through evaluation in a most scientific way. Foundation operates on a sound conceptual base SYMPHONY: Holistic Psycho educational approach, which has yielded excellent results in number of complex disorders.

    Clinical Services

    Homoeopathic Education



a.      Homoeopathic clinics

b.      Homoeopathic Speciality Clinics

1.      Homoeopathic research unit (paediatric) Homoeopathy and child care

2.      Spandan Holistic HIV care centre homoeopathy and HIV /AIDS

3.      Spandan Holistic Rheumatology care centre

4.      Spandan Holistic Diabetes care centre

c.       Community based clinical services

1.      Spandan comprehensive homoeopathic mobile clinic

2.      Homoeopathy Geriatrics services in old age home

3.      Homoeopathy awareness camps


A. Courses

1.    Basic course in homoeopathic education and training

2.    Advanced fellowship in Homoeopathy in following specialized area

      a.   Developmental disability and mental health in children

      b.   HIV/AIDS

3.   Orientation courses

4.   Distance Education Programme

B. Academic Activities:

  • Regular academic sessions

  • Advanced case- concepts based sessions

  • Interdisciplinary exchanges

  • Multidisciplinary panel

  • Work shops & seminars

C. Examination/Evaluation

Periodic assignments, evaluation and dissertations

D. Methods, techniques and tools

1.      Interactive group discussion

2.      Lectures by experts

3.      Audio visual presentations

4.      Intensive clinical exposure and critical evaluation of clinical 

         experiences of students

5.      Workshops

6.      Online training module

Institute conducts clinical research in following areas with standard scientific protocol.

1.      Child care Developmental Disability

2.      HIV & AIDS

3.      Rheumatology

Following are the titles of the research projects.
  1. Effectiveness of Homoeopathic therapeutics in the management of Autism spectrum disorder.

  2. Application of Homoeopathic therapeutics in HIV disease. Exploring its potential in all the phases of disease and evaluating its role as immunomodulators as well as its impact on opportunistic infections.

  3. Application of Homoeopathic therapeutics in Rheumatoid Arthritis. Exploring its potential in all the phases of disease and evaluating its role as disease modifying agent.