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Free Holistic Rheumatology Camp & Free Osteoporosis Detection Camp
Dear colleagues,
It gives me immense pleasure to aquaint you about Holistic Rheumatology Camp organized at Foundation on 19th Nov.

Consultants from following disciplines participated:

Homeopaths, Orthopedic surgeon, Physiotherapist, Yoga therapist, Acupuncturist & Reiki Therapist.

The entire panel of experts examined each patient & they were given free consultation & education about diagnosis, prognosis, future options, various modes of therapeutic interventions etc.


1. Generating Awareness about the importance of early diagnosis & early intervention
    in rheumatological diseases.

2. Creating Awareness about importance of Holistic Health i.e. synchronizing AHAR,

3. To provide expert assessment and insight to various modes of therapeutic
    options available.

4. To give insight about the role of multidisciplinary approach in managing
    rheumatological disorders.

5. To orient the patients towards scientific knowledge of disease.

6. To give insight about role of holistic Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Yoga &
    Reiki & Physiotherapy in Rheumatelogical disorders.

7. To emphasize need for EXCERCIZES in these illnesses.

8. To effectively emphasize need for proper diet, maintenance of proper posture,
    proper activities & regimen in rheumatological disorders.

Geographic areas of work: -

Ghatkopar (East & west), Kurla, Vikhroli, Bhandup, Thane, Chembur, Dombivli, Kalwa, Bhaindar, Virar, Borivli, Andheri.


It is here that the esoteric path begins which we call the path of Yoga. Yoga is a Sanskrit word, meaning, "yoke". A yoke always combines quality: two oxen, two buckets etc.

Images of Ajanta and Ellora represent symbolically the great secret of conjuctio oppositotium or the union of opposites.

Approaching common group of people through cable ads, banners, handouts etc

Press (Indian Express janmbhoomi etc.) Published the details of camp.

Homoeopathic physicians to categorize the cases carried out primary screening.

His role was to obtain relevant data as outlined in the screening sheet & make
  attempt to grasp the clinical state as well as homeopathic disease concepts.

Each patient then followed the relevant panel of consultants: like Orthopedic
  Surgeon, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Yoga therapist and Homeopath

Relevant consultant provided free consultation & explained the patient regarding diagnosis,   prognosis, and further investigations if any, future options & scope of his therapeutic   intervention.

Each consultant had put down his remarks on the predefined format.

All patients will be detected for Osteoporosis by a team from Panacea - Biotech.

All patients were given hand out detailing general guidelines & relevant
  educational material.

From 9 a.m. onwards: Group of 40 patients received lectures, demonstration and
  slide presentation on holistic health, Acupuncture and role of Yoga, Physiotherapy,
  Reiki, Chieropractise etc.

Batches of 20 patients were given practical demonstration about YOGA for 30 mins.

Batches of 20 patients were given practical demonstration about PHYSIOTHERAPY for
  30 min.

There were such 7 sessions.


List of Doctors / Therapists on the Panel
1. ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON 1. Dr. Dharit Metha
2. Dr. P.S. Mamtora
3. Dr. Saral Vasawada
2. Homoeopathic Consultants 1. Dr. P.M. Shah
2. Dr. Praful Barvalia,
3. Dr. Varsha Shah
4. Dr. Amit Daftary
5. Dr. A.R. Kapse
6. Dr. Nimish Mehta
7. Dr. C. B. Jain
8. Dr. Poornima Patil
9. Dr. Vrushalee Mayekar
10. Dr. Sunil Bhalinge
11. Dr. Piyush Oza
12. Dr. Hemant Nandu
13. Dr. Sushma Matekar
14. Dr. Suchita Rane
15. Dr. Prashant Tambole
16. Dr. Jigna Gada
17. Dr. Sheetal Metha
18. Dr. Hemang Bhatt
19. Dr. Sultan Badani
20. Dr. Yamini Bhagat
21. Dr. Mrs. Mamta Mehta
3. Physiotherapist 1. Miss Vandana Hovale
2. Miss Mugdha More
3. Miss Jyotsana Sardar
4. Miss Vaishali Tambe
5. Miss Ashlesha Veer
6. Miss Phalguni Kothari
4. Acupuncturist Dr. Shankar Chawla
2. Dr. Yadunath Joshi
5. Yoga Therapist 1. Dr. ( Mrs. ) Alka Barvalia
2. Miss Deepikaben Kuvadia
3. Miss Rajul Kuvadia
6. Reiki 1. Mr. Madhu Sampat
2. Mr. D.M. Mankad
3. Mrs. Anjana Barot
7. Other Homoeopathic Doctors / Interns: 1. Dr. Saumya
2. Dr. Mamta
3. Dr. Pankaj
4. Dr. Soni
5. Dr. Sonali
6. Dr. Madhavi
7. Dr. Vrunda
8. Dr. Anand
9. Dr. Seema
10. Dr. Madhusudan
11. Dr. Reetha
12. Dr. Sagar
13. Dr. Anagha
14. Dr. Sunita
15. Urvi shah
16. Meghana shah
17. Devangi
8. Administrative Coordinators 1. Mr. Anil Parekh
2. Dr. Sanjay Joshi
3. Mr. Anil Barvalia
4. Mrs. Sejal Barvalia
5. Shri Hasmukh Barvalia
6. Mehul Barvalia
7. Shri Gunvant Barvalia
Camp details  
There was tremendous response to the camp. 260 patients had registered previously. Out of which 204 patients turned up. 97 direct patients were accommodated overall 301 patients took benefit of the camp.

Patients mainly pertained to following categories.


Cases of varied dimensions were attended : -


(2) Cervical spondylosis

(3) Lumbar spondylosis

(4) PID (Prolapse Intervertebral disc.)

(5) RA (Rheumatoid Anthitis)

(6) SSA ( Seronegative Spondylo Artheopathy )

(7) S.L.E. ( Systemic Lupus Erytheinateus )

(8) Ankylosing spondylitis

(9) De Quenains disease Alone / in combinations

(10) Functional / Postual backache

(11) Tennis elbow

(12) Tibia exostosis

(13) Osteoporosis

(14) Osteomalacia / Chondromalacia

(15) Frozen Shoulder (16) Lumbar Canal stenosis

(17) Avascular Necrosis of the Head of femur

(18) Psychogenic pains
Majority patients have opted for follow up in the centre and they have been given
concessional charges. Patients staying for off have been guided to consult near by similar centre.