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We have comprehensive mother-child unit at Naidu Colony, Pant Nagar, which caters to the problems of mother at O.P.D. level and also handles issues of neonates - infants and children through holistic - multidisciplinary team.

Our Team comprises of following people:

     Gynaecologist: Dr. Alkesh Gohel M.D.D.G.O.

     Paediatrician: Dr. Yogesh Mehta M.D.D.C.H.

     Paediatric Orthopedic surgeon: Dr. Taral Nagda M.S.D.N.B. D. Ortho

     Neurologist: Dr. Ashish Mehta M.S.Mch., D.N.B.

     Diabetologist: Dr. Vishal Chopra M.B.DIP.Diabetology

     Occupational Therapist: Miss Gauri SaliM.Sc. (Occupational Therapy)

     Clinical Psychologist: Miss Vinita Agarwal M.A. (Psychology)

     Clinical Coordinator: Dr. Piyush Oza

     Homoeopathic Physician: Dr. Amit Daftary

     Hon. Homoeopathic Consultant: Dr. Praful Barvalia

     Yoga Therapist: Dr. Seema Rangparia


Medical intervention in gynaec disorders.
Infertility clinic
Holistic child care centre’s activities for the prevention and management
      of developmental disabilities.
Research based homoeopathic management in mother and child’s disorders.
Application of Yoga

M.B. Barvalia Foundation is a registered public charitable trust established in 1997 with objectives of holistic health and value based special education through a multidisciplinary team. It runs comprehensive medical centre at Naidu Colony, Spandan Holistic Child Care Centre at Pant Nagar and comprehensive mobile clinic in slum area of 'N' and 'M' wards. It conducts homoeopathic research and educational programmes. It conducts special school for children with disability.


Well-equipped medical centre has following units.

     Homoeopathic clinic and Research centre

     Specialized centre for HIV/AIDS

     Diabetes Clinic

     Ophthalmology clinic

     Dental Clinic

     Orthopaedic Clinic

     Physiotherapy Clinic

     Pathology Laboratory

1. Homoeopathic clinic and Research centre

Homoeopathy is a holistic science, which has an excellent scope in the management of various acute as well as chronic illnesses. Homoeopathic medicines are immunomodulators. It is cost effective.

Homoeopathy is a central therapeutic modality at our institute. We have a team of senior consultants and well-trained junior physicians to manage the clinic. We follow a standardized system and sound methodology to ensure good results. We have undertaken various projects in clinical research. Viz. Developmental Disability, HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Rheumatology etc

2. Specialized centre for HIV/AIDS
M.B. Barvalia Foundation’s Holistic Institute of applied Homoeopathy has been working in the field of HIV/AIDS over last 6 years. In collaboration with Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS) it conduct the project – “Holistic Intervention in HIV/AIDS”. It runs Homoeopathic Mobile Clinic through huge Mobile Van, which visits various slum areas of N Ward and M Ward of Mumbai.

Holistic Clinical Care in HIV Disease

Foundation carried out Homoeopathic Management of HIV patients based on rational principle. We co-ordinate with HIV services of KEM Hospital for periodical Clinical Evaluation and CD4, CD8 cells investigation. This not only becomes cost effective but we are in a position to study the documented cases. This helps us to explore application of Homoeopathic therapeutics in HIV disease.


     Clinical Centre for HIV/AIDS at Naidu Colony opp.Bldg. 161, Near Jain Temple, Pant        Nagar, Ghatkopar, (E), Mumbai 400 075.
     We work in collaboration with HIV services of K.E.M. Hospital to carry out assessment        of Immunological parameter.
     Comprehensive mobile clinic in slum areas of M & N ward in collaboration with Mumbai        District AIDS Control Society (MDACS).

Comprehensive Homoeopathic Mobile Clinic
This huge van is almost like a bus quite spacious with good interior, it has 2 cabins, examination table, and reception and dispensing unit. Project is comprehensive and it promotes Homoeopathy in slum areas and renders various services.

     2-3 Homoeopathic doctors provide homoeopathic treatment to people in slum area            every day.
     With the help of social worker and peer educators they also educate masses about              homoeopathic system, health and hygiene.
     In collaboration with Mumbai district Aids Control Society (MDACS) we carry out
       Holistic Homoeopathic Intervention in HIV/AIDS and STD. Team also focuses
       on awareness and education in slum areas regarding HIV/AIDS
     Child Care team is posted in the mobile van. They identify and carry out early
       intervention in children with developmental disabilities.

3. Diabetes Clinic
A multidisciplinary team of Diabetologist, Homoeopath, Yoga expert, Pathologist manages our Holistic Diabetes clinic. We conduct camps and awareness lectures for diabetics as well as general population. We are soon going to inaugurate our Holistic Diabetic club.

4. Ophthalmology clinic
We have a well-equipped ophthalmology clinic. Numbers of patients have been utilizing our services. It is immensely helpful for number of patients who report in our regular OPDs like diabetes clinic, childcare centre etc. we have conducted camps of centre as well as in slum areas.

5. Dental Clinic

Dental clinic is managed by competent dentist and caters to all the aspects of dental care and treatment. Enthusiastic team also help in organizing and conducting dental camps for community / schools.

6. Orthopaedic Clinic
Various rheumatological diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylosis is fairly chronic and leads to serious disabilities. Integrated care provides excellent response. What are the faculties, which work in coordination to deliver this cure:

     Homoeopathic Faculty

     Orthopaedic Faculty


     Yoga teacher

Our centre is well equipped with physiotherapy clinic Yoga Department and pathology laboratory co-ordination of homeopaths with orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologist, with physiotherapist and yoga teacher allow integrated holistic care of such patients with scientific evaluation.

7. Physiotherapy Clinic
Physiotherapy clinic is run of a very low cost. It is helpful to patients suffering from neuro-orthopaedic disorders.

8. Pathology Laboratory
Well equipped pathology laboratory with analyzer managed by competent personnel carrying out entire range of all investigations like routine chemistries, electrolytes, immuno assays, hormones, coagulation as well as histopathological investigations.

Team from pathology laboratory also works in close coordination with homoeopathic research centre, holistic child care centre, Rheumatology clinic, thyroid clinic, hematology clinic and holistic AIDS care centre. They help in proper documentation of cases as well as for research work. Thus we have designed specific profiles for patients belonging to these categories. Profiles are cost effective. Additional research discounts are given to those physicians and organizations that wish to undertake research.