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Spandan Holistic Diabetes Clinic
Diabetes Mellitus is increasingly becoming common and is attributed to genetic failures, dietary habits and life style patterns.  Followings are the objectives of Spandan Holistic Diabetes Clinic

      To initiate awareness in masses about early detection of DM and its
       rational management.

       To impart knowledge to masses about various dimensions of DM:

A.     Predisposing & risk factors related to dietary habits

B.     Impact of life style pattern on DM

C.     Importance of regular pathology investigation in management of DM

       To demonstrate role of multidisciplinary approach in management of DM

       Scientific documentation of role of Homeopathy in management of DM

    Demonstrating importance of Yoga and meditation in management of DM

       Experiencing the importance of spiritual health in handling 

         ltifaceted sinister disease.

A)    Team:  Facilities available to patient, who register the Diabetes Club:
     Homeopathic Physician consultation

     Diabetologist consultation

     Opthalmologist consultatin

     Dietician consultation

     Counselling Psychologist consultation

     Educational & Informative session

     Yoga & Meditation

B)    Strategy:  To organize a fine Diabetes Detection Camp, which would be going through the following steps:


  A. Consultation by a Homeopathic Physician including detailed history taking &
    clinical examination.

B. Accurate clinical Diagnosis by the Diabetologist ordering baseline investigation:

      CBC, FBS, PPBS, Urine , S. Urintinine Lipid Profile

      ECG, X Ray Chest

      Monthly consultation with the Diabetologist

C)    Depending on each individual case Rational Homeopathic treatment in        

      co-ordination with the Diabetologist


      Weekly follow up with Homeopathic Physician

D)  Consultation with Dietician:    Designing a Diet plan as per the needs of patient & his 

      daily food intake.


       3 Monthly consultation with Dietician
E)  Pathological investigation & others:

Monthly FBs, PPBS

      Every 6 months Glycosylated Hb, S. Uratinine

   Every year Lipid Profile, ECG
F)  Counselling Psychologist- & Consultation with:

Depending on the need of the case keep in dealing with the day to day difficulties with the diseases:

            Follow up as required.


G)  Yoga sessions 3 week including -  Theory Class, Asana, Pranayam, Meditation

H)    Educational sessions about DM -  Interaction between patients & the guide help  dissolve myths and misconception about disease


  We have conducted free diabetes screening & counseling camps recently.