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Homeopathy is a holistic science based on concept of individualization. In order to find out accurate homeopathic medicine, it is essential to understand not only your complaints but also your entire personality, your emotional state, your stresses, your relationships as well as effects, likes and dislikes pertaining to food climate etc.

Incomplete information will make correct choice difficult. You are therefore requested to supply the information without keeping anything back as irrelevant or of little importance. The history that you provide becomes basis for further inquiry. Hence, we earnestly request for your full co-operation. All information supplied, of course, will be strictly confidential.

This information will help us in rendering you the best possible service.

Please supply the following information as standard routine:

Name in full, Address, Date of Birth, Sex:

Status ( Single / Married / Widow-ed since / Divorcee since):

Religion /Community/Sect, Vegetarian / Non-vegetarian / Eggs, Addictions,
Tobacco, chewing/smoking, Tea, Coffee, Beer, Whisky and liquors (please state the quantity consumed daily)

Educational career and qualifications. Occupation, with a full address and tel. no.

Your daily routine from getting up in the morning to retiring at night. Include in this your dietary schedule furnishing full details in respect of the quantities consumed.

Describe what bothers you most.

Describe in details your entire experience about the complaints which trouble you the most. Please describe when exactly these complaints started. Also, describe the circumstances under which these complaints began and mention the factors that increase and decrease the discomfort.

Describe all complaints which had troubled you in the past

Each should be described fully as suggested above for the ‘CHIEF COMPLAINT’.

Give a full account of the following:

(1) Physical description of self like weight, height, physique etc.

(2) Share your experience about significant events in your life and their impact on you.

Describe the nature and responsibilities of your work (current and previous). Describe the difficulties you experience in the place of work and the level of job satisfaction. Describe financial responsibilities and strains ( present as well as in the past).

Give a clear cut picture of your relationship with your family members and associates.

(3) Reactions to surroundings.

(a) Food desires and aversions, foods that do not suit etc.

(b) General environment: Describe which weather suits you the most. Also describe
     about type of temperature, bath, recreations etc.

(c) Sleep and dreams

(d) Sex (inclusive of menstrual and obstetric history).

Give a resume of the various illnesses you had and to what extent these have any bearing on present troubles.

Data concerning the parents, brothers and sisters. State details concerning the health of wife and children. Include in your list those who have died stating the age of death, the year and cause of the same.

Include here any items which have not been included above.

1. Medical Report and opinion on your state of health from physician.

2. Copies of Reports of investigations done.

3. X-ray plates, Electrocardiograms, etc.