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About Centre 

M. B. Barvalia Foundation, Public Charitable Trust has been established in 1997, main objectives are to promote holistic health and value based education.

Foundationís Holistic Health Care Centre is working in the field of HIV/AIDS over last 7 years. Itís primary objective is to give clinical care of HIV disease through homoeopathy and yoga.

Activities :





    Community Care

Clinical : 

Foundation carries out homoeopathic management of HIV patients based on rational principles.

Homoeopathy is the holistic system of medicine based on law of similar and selection of homoeopathic medicines is  based on the understanding of the entire personality structure.

We run homoeopathic department, which is managed by senior competent homoeopathic Consultations.

All the cases are thoroughly investigated in our pathological laboratory and we co-ordinate with HIV services of KEM hospital for periodical Clinical evaluation and CD4 - CD8 cells investigations.

Comprehensive mobile clinic Ė Carries out clinical activities in slum areas of ĎMí and ĎNí ward in collaboration with MDACS (Mumbai District Aids Control Society)

Academic :

Knowledge Care : ( Advanced Homoeopathic Education )

Advanced education and fellowship programme for graduates and post Ė graduates doctors.

CME programme for Homoeopathic doctors.

Orientation programme and workshops for doctors.

Research :
We carry out Homoeopathic Management of HIV patients based on rational principles. We co-ordinate with KEM hospital for periodical CD4 & CD8 cells investigations and we monitor all other parameters in specially designed formats to maintain scientificity of the project. Thus we not only manage cases but we are in a position to conduct RESEARCH, which helps us to explore application of homoeopathic therapeutics in HIV disease.
we have professional counselors who assist in the management of HIV patients. They also coordinate out reach projects.

Patanjali states:

Yoga is the elimination of mental fluctuation. We are utilizing synergistic action of Yoga and Homoeopathy to deal with emotional stress and reactions which come up in Individual suffering from HIV disease.

We come across sadness, despair withdrawal panic, anxiety, fears as strong accompaniments in HIV disease.

Cultural and meditational asanas help to deal with this aberration and improve mental health.

Activities which can promote mental health
  • Music appreciation session

  • Cinema appreciation session

  • Bhajan / Mantra chanting in a group

  • Theatre Activities

  • Yogic games to be designed

  • Field visits to Art gallery, Nature park etc

  • Open session (sharing experiences etc)

  • Inter - organization events

  • Cultural gathering

Community Care :
Comprehensive Homoeopathic Mobile Clinic

Since January 2003, mobile van visits ĎMí ward & ĎNí ward.

This huge van is almost like a bus. It has 2 cabins, examination table, and reception and dispensing unit. Project is comprehensive and it promotes Homoeopathy in slum areas and renders various services:
Mobile Clinic carries out following functions.
  • Homoeopathic management of actual HIV case through mobile clinicís doctorís team.

  • Spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS in the area where risk behaviour is high. Attempting to modify behaviour.

  • Early identification of the cases which cases which have not been diagnosed.

  • Through investigations of cases of HIV/AIDS and other S.T.I.

  • Explaining them various options for further management.

  • Coordinating HIV patientís management with doctors of our centre.

  • Coordinating patientís management with other agency/institutes Hospital.

Early identification and diagnosis through screening.

Education and prevention of HIV disease in community.

This we do through spreading awareness about HIV/AIDS in the area where risk behaviour is high. By periodically conducting camps, exhibitions, orientation workshops and by collaborating with other NGO and local groups.
1. Mumbai District AIDS Control Society (MDACS)
Itís a government back institution working under Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). We are NGO partner of MDACS where in we collaborate in HIV/AIDS project. Through our collaboration we have been working in area of clinical management, awareness campaign, surveys, camps etc. We have been conducting our project in slum area through our comprehensive Mobile Van in collaboration with MDACS. We have participated as well as conducted scientific workshops organized by MDACS.
Details of projects & proposal attached.
2. K.E.M. (King Edward Memorial) Hospital
We have been collaborating with this Municipally run esteemed institute in the field of HIV / AIDS project. HIV/AIDS clinical department as well as pathology department work in close co-ordination with our doctors and social workers to ensure through and cost effective patient are.  This collaboration has been extremely effective in the management of patients suffering from HIV /AIDS, STDs as well as suspected cases from target population who are socio economically underprivileged.
Details of the project and protocol attached.
3. Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation: Educational Department
BMC authorities have been extremely appreciable of our work. We have taken up projects in developmental disability through our co-ordination with B.M.C. This has helped in identifying and managing children with disability in the mainstream BMC run schools itself. This project has been instrumental in promoting inclusive education for our children with disability.


Advance Fellowship Programme in HIV Disease.
TITLE : Spandanís advance fellowship Programme in HIV Disease.

HIV disease is a complex sinister illness, which has deep impact on various organs and systems.

The number of persons getting infected with HIV is alarming and worth thinking about. In India the HIV epidemic is now 18 yrs old. It has emerged as one of the most serious problems for the nation. At the same time therapeutic management of HIV in modern medicine is deficient. Hence it is a challenging task for Homoeopathic to evolve proper approach and rational therapeutic guidelines to manage the illness.

We have 10 years of experience in managing the HIV disease. On that basis we have evolved comprehensive guidelines for holistic management of this illness.

Based on these clinical experience to help homeopathic physicians, we have designed fellowship programme.
Objectives of Fellowship Ė Programme
  1. Cultivating right order of receptivity in homoeopathic physician to perceive and handle pathos of HIV/AIDS disease affected patients
  2. Acquiring various knowledges relevant to HIV disease.
  3. Evolving sound conceptual base and skills in homoeopathic physician to equip him to manage patients with HIV disease.

Entire syllabus runs into following modules:
  1. Basic Module

  2. Skill Acquisition Module

  3. Sensitivity Module

  4. Comprehensive Management

  5. Case conceptualization module

Each module has clinical as well as applied Homoeopathic aspect.
Future prospects:

HIV disease from epidemic has become endemic disease in our country.

Practically all states are significantly affected. The disease is sinister and does not discriminate between caste and the creed; hence homoeopathic physician must equip himself with requisite competences to combat this disease.

The course prepares physician with this objective.

Trained physician will get opportunities to work in clinics and research projects of the institution.

Since Spandan works in collaboration with number of other institutes, our trained fellow will have opportunity to work with those centers

Eligibility Parameter:

Homoeopathic graduates and post graduates or other qualified physicians.

Doctors who have been completed basic course with the institute would be able to complete fellowship within a year. Thus who are fresh may need to equip themselves with basic course competences.

Course duration: 1 year
Contact us:


Opp. Bldg. 161, Near Jain Temple, Naidu Colony, Pant Nagar, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai Ė 400 075

Course Director:
Course coordinator
Director- Training:
   Dr. C. B. JAIN
Senior Research Fellow