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Comprehensive Homoeopathic Mobile Clinic

Since January 2003, mobile van visits M ward & N ward.
This huge van is almost like a bus. It has 2 cabins, examination table, and reception and dispensing unit. Project is comprehensive and it promotes Homoeopathy in slum areas and renders various services:
  1. General Homoeopathic treatment for
    all the diseases.

  2. Childcare project activities. 

  3. Activities related to HIV/AIDS and STI.

1.  2-3 Homoeopathic doctors every day provide Homoeopathic treatment to people in slum area.

2.  With the help of social worker and peer educators, they also educate masses about Homoeopathic system, health and hygiene.

3.  In collaboration with Mumbai District Aids control society (MDACS) we carry out Holistic Homoeopathic Intervention in HIV/AIDS and STD. Team also focuses on awareness and education in slum areas regarding HIV/AIDS.

4.  Child Care team is posted in the mobile van. They identify and carry out early intervention in children with developmental disabilities.

5.  We conduct free screening camps in schools of slum areas. Parents are given home programme by the team.

The Mobile clinic is attended by:
  •   Homoeopathic doctors

  •   Periodical Screening Camp & orientation workshops

  •   Social worker

  •   Counsellers/volunteers. 

  •   Collaboration with other NGO & Local groups