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School cater to slow learners who are defined as children having IQ between 70 - 80. These children suffer from varieties of perceptual difficulties as well as emotional and behavioural problems. They require holistic multidisciplinary approach for their management.


  It is based on strong philosophical foundation of HOLISTIC-PSYCHOEDUCATIONAL APPROACH: SYMPHONY.

This is an innovative approach based on integration of holistic concept propounded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of Homoeopathy & JEAN PIAGET'S concept of CHILD DEVELOPMENT.

Conceptual Framework

  Curriculum is based on the comprehensive assessment by the multidisiciplinary team. Based on overall appreciation, the child is admitted in one of the 3 batches.




Deserving students from senior batch are integrated later in the NIOS batch

Students who find NIOS difficult are given pre-vocational inputs and further guided for vocational training.

Teaching programme comprises of IEP (Individualized Educational Programme) and group programmes. Educational Programme includes:

Expert remedial teaching.

Personal and group Counselling

Regular workshops for parents

Periodic comprehensive psycho-educational and medical evaluation

All students are given Homoeopathic - medications

Regular field visits
  Action learning

Caters to children who are early school drop outs
Age limit: - Upto 14 years
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M.B.Barvalia Foundation's Spandan Holistic Institute

Opp. Bldg. 161, Near Jain Temple, Naidu Colony, Pant Nagar,

Ghatkopar (E) Mumbai 400 075

Tel. No. (022) 2513 44 67

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